Le Lunetier, the modern optical craftsman.

“Des lunettes pour voir autant que pour être vues” or ‘Glasses to see and be seen’ said Alain Mikli, an innovative designer who at the turn of the 70’s and 80’s significantly helped transform the eyewear market into what it is today.

With him the concept of the aesthetic strongly entered into the form of the product, which until this point had been considered primarily a visual prosthesis. Being myopic, hyperopic or astigmatic then became an opportunity to transform a defect into an occasion to get noticed.

Since then the market has seen the emergence and development of multiple brands that transformed a craft, into big business, a medical need, into an aesthetic necessity.

Le Lunetier it’s a term that does not have a true translation into English. It represents the figure of an optical craftsman, one who would carve forms destined to become spectacles in various materials, usually wood or cellulose acetate.

It is in this spirit that we have designed and created Le Lunetier Milan, an optical shop in appearance but also a meeting point where tradition and innovation, aesthetics and functionality, passion and profession meet.

Why Le Lunetier Milano

Our team is built up of young and dynamic professionals who have chosen this area and this job for its passion and vocation. Eyewear is one of the few accessories that is 100% functional and aesthetic. It therefore becomes an essential tool to express their personality and character.

Each face requires special care to define what is the most suitable frame, both in comfort and durability. Each eye needs careful correction according to its visual defect whilst at the same time respecting our daily lives and commitments. Aesthetics and functionality work together.

The Lunetier Milan offers a broad yet beautifully curated range of the unique and the elsewhere hard to find glasses upon which we mount the best lenses to improve your perception of external reality.

Milan is our city and becomes the point of contact between our country and the rest of the world.

Our frames are from areas of optical and artisan culture. We sell exclusively independent brands that are thoroughly researched and of the highest quality; created and produced mostly in Italy, France, Scandinavia, Japan and California, areas where design and quality are essential.


Le Lunetier’s vision arises with the idea of Le Lunetier Milano, re-proposing the same concept and professionalism to the most important cities in the world in order to provide an unique and alternative service in the optical sector. Thanks to an experience gained over the years, a continuous search for unique and exclusive brands in the optical and fashion sectors, the latest instrumentations for eye exams, a great aesthetic design in stores and a research targeted to the needs of the market with brands in the territory, Le Lunetier was able to stand out and to be different in the best possible way in the market.


Le Lunetier’s mission was born with the idea of transmitting to all people the difference between a mass market product and a research product based on the design and quality of the materials used. In this way, having a wide choice of price ranges, eyewear becomes a design object accessible to everyone.