Incubator of independent eyewear brands

A glasses store and a meeting place where trends and optical blend.


Application of contact lenses for the evaluation of the benefits of different types, materials and geometries.


Free computerized eye test to identify the presence of a defect and the extent of defect refraction.


Optometric optical test for the detection of visual efficiency profile

Our Brands

We provide an independent reality space that is established for technical innovation, quality in construction and continuous research.

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About Us

The Lunetier Milan offers a broad yet beautifully curated range of the unique and elsewhere hard to find glasses upon which we mount the best lenses to improve your perception of external reality.

Milan is our city and becomes the point of contact between our country and the rest of the world.

via Carlo Ravizza 7, 20149 Milano (MI) - Italy

from Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 19.30 Continued schedule

(+39) 02.4398.2683

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